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Get rid of your razor with pain-free laser hair removal

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After laser hair removal

There are a lot of benefits of laser hair removal. This treatment targets selective areas with dark hair and this is why the surrounding skin remains undamaged. Each of the laser pulse lasts only for a fraction of seconds and is capable of treating multiple hairs - all at once. The ray treats an area about an inch in diameter each second, thus making the process of laser hair removal faster. Almost 90% of the undergoing laser hair removal ensures permanent hair removal after the course of the treatment. However, the number of laser hair removal treatment that’s required for complete and permanent hair removal varies from one individual to another. Basically, this depends on the skin and hair type and the areas to be treated. The average number of treatments required for most people is six and each of the treatments is done after an interval of six to eight weeks. It's advisable to visit a reputed skin care center in Melbourne that’s home to expert medical professionals.

To Get Ready Before Laser Hair Removal

First off, you need to visit a doctor who is certified in cosmetic surgery or dermatology and has considerable experience in laser hair removal treatment. In case the treatment is going to be done by a nurse or the assistant of a physician, make sure the process is supervised by an expert doctor. Be sure to book a consultation schedule with the doctor. During this appointment, the doctor will review your medication use and medical history, discuss the benefits, expectations and risks and also take photos of the areas to be treated for before/after assessments. Be sure to discuss the costs and treatment plan with the doctor as s/he will also advise you regarding some precautionary measures like staying out of the sun or avoiding waxing, electrolysis or plucking.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment and Process
Since laser hair removal is considered to be the most aesthetic and non-invasive hair removal treatment, there are many people who opt for this when it comes to reducing the growth of unwanted hair.

The steps of laser hair removal are described in brief below-

1. Patch test – The laser technician begins the process by doing a patch test at least 48 hours before the treatment. This is done for determining whether or not your skin exhibits an allergic reaction to this kind of treatment.

2. Shaving the area to be treated – It's advisable to shave the area the night before so that the skin is less sensitive to the treatment. If you are not confident enough to shave on your own, consider requesting your therapist to do the same.

3. Wearing laser safety goggles – Since laser is a beam of ray, it's important to protect your eyes. You will be given a pair of protective eye glasses at your chosen Melbourne skin care center. Remember that the black goggles are to be worn when the treatment is done on your entire body, and the white ones are to be worn if you are treating your face.

4. Marking the treatment areas – While performing the laser treatment, the areas are marked with a cooling spray. It is fired on the skin, milliseconds before the laser beam is applied. When this is done, you might experience a slight heat and a tingy feeling, but no pain.

5. Applying gel – The therapist applies a cooling gel for cooling down the area. It also helps glide the laser. When the ray is fired, you will get to see a bright light and feel a slightly prickling sensation.

How To Care For The Skin After Laser Hair Removal Treatment

1. Apply sunscreen – The areas that have been treated must be covered with plenty of sunscreen.

2. Apply ice or cream – Right after the treatment, it's essential to keep the area numb and cool.

3. Contact your doctor – If any kind of irritation occurs, contact your doctor immediately.

4. Scrub after a week – This helps keep your skin smooth and makes the hair fall out faster.

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