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Nylon Clothing Is Here To Stay

by Amelia (follow)
Amelia is an art enthusiast and writer
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blackmilk, blackmilk clothing, nylon, leggings, prints, instagram
Black Milk Clothing has over 945k followers on Instagram, hooray for a successful Australian company!

"Give me nylon, or give me death."

This is the tagline by Australia's leading nylon fashion house, Black Milk Clothing www.blackmilkclothing.com. This Brisbane based brand has found the winning formula; they aim to be on trend, have cultivated a following on social media and on the streets - wearers go by the term 'Sharkies' or 'Sharklets', and in the process Black Milk has become inevitably successful as an online only retailer.

If you haven't noticed the brand already, their clothing can be seen walking the streets of Australia, the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, even Puerto Rico, thanks to their genius collaborations with artists and designers on much loved themes such as Adventure Time, Star Wars, Disney and even Game of Thrones.

Nylon Clothing Is Here To Stay Montage
(Clockwise) Adventure Time Bro Ball leggings (Adventure Time Collection), Light Saber bodysuit (Star Wars Collection), Westeros dress (Game of Thrones Collection), Under The Sea leggings (Disney Pricess Collection) - blackmilkclothing.com

I was easily convinced by friends to add Black Milk items to my wardrobe after I was tempted by these lovelies which are based on a real photo that NASA took of a far off galaxy.

galaxy purple leggings, blackmilk, blackmilk clothing, nylon, fashion tights, patterns
Galaxy Purple leggings - blackmilkclothing.com

Being a little nervous when considering online purchasing for the first time is only natural. But with the help of a few brave friends who had gone before me, I was able to discover my size by trying on their pieces. Here's an excuse for a grown up dress up party or two!

If you live in Australia, put your anxieties aside. Ordering from Black Milk is easy peasy and includes Express Australia Post shipping with full tracking, taking only 1-3 business days after being shipped. Plus there's FREE Returns for orders over $150 for Australian customers only.

Made in Australia, their range of clothing has extended from nylon to include polyester, LYCRA®, elastane, rayon, chiffon and more.

On an environmental note, nylon is a synthetic polymer material unlike wool or cotton. As noted on Wikipedia, Berners-Lee believes the average greenhouse gas footprint of nylon gives it almost the same carbon footprint as wool, but with greater durability and therefore a lower overall carbon footprint. Various nylons break down in fire and form hazardous smoke, and toxic fumes or ash, typically containing hydrogen cyanide. Incinerating nylons to recover the high energy used to create them is usually expensive, so most nylons reach the garbage dumps, decaying very slowly. Some recycling is done on nylon, usually creating pellets for reuse in the industry.*

However, these Black Milk items of clothing are certainly appreciated by their wearers, with each searchable under a unique #hashtag# on Instagram.

Black Milk has produced some cult styles over the years, with the Amethyst Vs Aurora Skye inside out dress being one of the most sought out dresses post production on a range of other sites such as Ebay and Gumtree.

blackmilk, blackmilk clothing, nylon, leggings, prints, instagram
Amethyst Vs Aurora Skye inside out dress - blackmilkclothing.com

Not only do they create wonderfully versatile products, they even know how to be on trend ahead of the pack by bringing back two piece suits to the land of the everyday summer outfit.

blackmilk, blackmilk clothing, nylon, leggings, prints, instagram
Cathedral Nana suit - blackmilkclothing.com

Items of clothing are generally sought out after the limited production ends, through the Black Milk Swap Sell Buy Group on Facebook.

All past successful designs end up in the Museum, and from time to time they will be reincarnated for production, although you can't count on it.

The joy of wearing their clothing comes from the combination of a nice fit and use of stretch materials that creator James Lillis went to the effort of perfecting.

It's easy to see why the Black Milk Community is united in sharing the joy that is a pair of high quality nylon leggings.To find your local nylon pals, click here.

Head to the website to check out the latest and upcoming collections, because nylon clothing is here to stay.

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Love Black Milk!
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