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The 20s Fashion – an Eternal Trend

by Mihaela Schwartz (follow)
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It is the immediate period after the First World War when women began to emancipate themselves and this factor influenced the type of clothes they wore. Many of them were widows and therefore, forced to take a job to earn a living for them and for their families. They claim their freedom and want above all to feel comfortable in their clothes.

Image: Flapper Dress Costume

Moreover, sports and recreation also democratized during this decade, increasing the demand for comfortable outfits. Therefore, the key words for the fashion of the “roaring twenties” are modernity and comfort. Experts believe that fashion, as we understand it today, was born at that time. Anyway, elements and patters born during that decade continue to become trendy and remain the classic fashion items of all times.

The woman of 20s has a new figure: the thinness was the reference of this time and the tanned skin became popular for the first time. The typical woman of this period had a short-cut boyish hair style that she hid under a hat when she went out. The bob Chanel style hair cut gained a huge popularity just like many other elements promoted by the famous French fashion designer.

The 20s saw the birth of a revolution in point of fashion. It was for the first time that women revealed their legs. The length of a typical day dress and skirt is above the knee, but they become longer in the second half of the decade. The first “hipster” clothing items appeared. The too restrictive corset went out of fashion and was replaced by the bodice that emphasized the waistline and the cleavage. The shirt-dress made a very noticeable entry and it was promoted by many fashion designers and worn by all women in the brightest possible colors. The first women’s trousers emerged.

The trends favored the shining garments, so glitter, sequins and glass beads are encrusted on dresses. Coco Chanel offered the little black dress for the first time in 1926 and it became a symbol of the 1920s. While the color was beforehand reserved to funerals, it was given a daily street wear use as well as an elegant one. This item is later nicknamed “Chanel’s Ford” for two reasons: the black color and the influence upon the whole fashion field similar to the one the Ford T model had upon the automobile one.

How to create a look inspired by the fashion of the 20s?

If you want to add a fresh retro note to your outfit, do it in small doses. Avoid falling into caricature of total 20s look - ribbed fringes and Charleston makeup (which is very nice, but to be reserved to theme parties). Pick one or two items dating from this iconic decade:

Image: Flapper Charleston Party Dress

- Spaghetti straps or sleeveless dresses with a very loose bottom, almost like a baby doll

- A very low waist dress

- Fringes

- Pleated skirts, but always with an Art Deco, very constructed and geometric view

- Sequins, beads, embroidery, lace

Image: Alegra K Dress

- Powdered tone, preferably white for the day and more colorful for the evening: the black -gold combo works very well

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