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The 3C Rule for Being Trendy in Your 40s

by Mihaela Schwartz (follow)
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You can easily dress fashionably when you are in your 20s. Even if you don’t have a perfect body, you can still adopt this or that trend of the year. After all, let’s be honest: most part of the fashion designers’ collections are targeted at young women with slim bodies. When in her 30s, a woman’s wardrobe starts changing. Office clothes occupy more space on the shelf than the once so coveted party outfits. Here come pregnancy clothes and so on and so forth.

Image: AmeriMark Jacket Dress@Amazon

However, there are lots of women who want to keep the pace with fashion trends even after the age of 40. Is it wrong? Certainly not! With a bit of ingenuity, one can remain trendy and dress up fashionably in her 40s and even later. Age is just a number! Be cool about it! Just follow the 3C rule when you go shopping for clothes and everything will be all right!

The 1st C stands for classical. No, this does not mean old fashioned. You don’t have to run to your mother’s wardrobe to borrow some of her clothes. Just go for straight cuts, A-skirts, tailored jackets and flat front trousers! Most fashion advisors agree that a woman in her 40s should start paying attention to quality. It might be more expensive, but fine tailored classical clothes will actually save some money for you as they can be combined in different ways.

The 2nd C stands for clean as in “clean outfit”. This mean avoiding complicated cuts, too many details or colors. Even if you don’t have the same silhouette as in your 20s (who does?), you can still follow this year’s trend. Just no ruffles… or a very discrete one.

The 3rd C stands for coverage. No, no one says you have to wear baggy clothes, heals long skirts and collars. You can show some skin, but not too much. If your shoulders start to show the age, go for a short sleeve shirt instead of straps you used to wear in your 20s.

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