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The Art of Elegant Style

by kelly (follow)
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Sure, it’s great to dress spunky from time to time, but that is well for some periods of your life, and appropriate for certain occasions. Elegance, however, is timeless. The fundaments of elegance are in good taste, simplicity and grooming. And they have nothing to do with how fat is your wallet, because they cannot be bought. But they can be learned by everyone and following some rules about simple lines and quality can eventually evolve to sophisticated elegance. So, let’s start learning.


Dress to express your elegance

When we are talking about elegance, first thing we think about is the outfit. And when it comes to an elegant outfit, a dress is unparalleled. A dress is the way to present your elegance to the world. There are several types of elegant dresses designed to fit every body type and to be appropriate for different occasions. You have dresses inspired by the 1960s decade, meaning midi (slightly about the knee) and mini dresses which are accentuating the woman’s figure, usually in golden or silver color. Maxi Hollywood-glam dresses are perfect for special occasions. And the little black dress is the eternal classic, popular today, as it was when worn by Audrey Hepburn, and it’s quite easy to find such dresses online and in every boutique.


Accessorizing your way to elegance

Accessories are inevitable for spicing up your elegance. They are the extension of your outfit, so you should treat them like that. You shouldn’t choose accessories based only on your preferences, but based on your dress too. When shopping for jewelry, opt for the one made of some metal or precious/semi-precious stones, plastic can never look as elegant. As for belts, if you are going for the elegance style it is best to opt for a chain belt. Watches should be metal, like jewelry, and silver and golden color are the best solutions. So we come to woman’s favorite accessory: a purse. If you are looking for a sophisticated purse, simplicity should be your guideline, so choose simple colors like black or brown.


Upgrade your elegance with hairstyle

An elegant hairstyle reflects personal grooming, but not only that it shapes your face and gives a final touch to your outfit. When deciding for an elegant hairstyle, you should have in mind that hair shouldn’t draw attention from your face, quite the opposite. That’s why, for elegant occasions up-dos are the most popular choice.
An elegant hairstyle should match the shape your face, and accentuate its best features. Some of the most popular elegant hairstyles are buns, braids, pony-tales, half pony-tales, a poufy top or hairstyles using the hair band. Curls can always add an elegance touch to your hair, just make sure they are neat. Lately one of the most popular choices of celebs and women in general for elegant hairstyle are braids, because of their simple beauty and the ease of making them.

Take these advices into regard when coming up with an elegant outfit, and try to build your own personal sophisticated style. In time, it will become a no-brainer. Remember the words of Coco Chanel, that woman can never be over-elegant.

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