12 Things You Probably Didnt Know about Karl Lagerfeld

12 Things You Probably Didnt Know about Karl Lagerfeld

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Karl Lagerfeld is, without any doubt, one of the world’s best known fashion designers. We see him everywhere, we follow his advice and watch his shows. Although he doesn’t usually hesitate to speak up his mind on various subjects, Lagerfeld has his share of delicious secrets. Here are some of the things you probably didn’t know about him:

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1. At the age of 6, Karl Lagerfeld was already speaking three languages - English, German and French.
2. One of his childhood hobbies was collecting and wearing Tyrolean hats.
3. Every morning, Karl Lagerfeld takes a bath to wake up as showers make him sleepy. He contradicts this way the general opinion that showers help you wake up.
4. Karl Lagerfeld does not like printed bed sheets. His preference goes towards the white ones. Will Feng Shui experts agree with him?
5. Karl Lagerfeld has a notepad close to his bed as he usually has the best ideas in the morning, when he wakes up.
6. The famous designer did not attend marriage or burial ceremonies as a child. He did not step foot inside a church. His mother forbid him from going to church because a clairvoyant told her that the kid would be a priest when he grew up.
7. Karl Lagerfeld’s dream was to become a cartoonist, not a designer. He still draws some caricatures inspired by current events but he keeps them "under wraps."
8. Karl Lagerfeld has a rigid sleeping routine. He sleeps for seven hours every night no matter when he goes to bed.
9. What is Lagerfeld’s addiction? He does not smoke; he doesn’t do drugs, but he drinks Light Coke since dawn.
10. Lagerfeld’s first employer was Pierre Balmain, who discovered the designer’s drawing skills.
11. Does Lagerfeld have a secret dream? Yes, he would have liked to know how to play the piano.
12. Did you know Lagerfeld has a cat? Maybe you did, but what you didn’t know is that the cat once belonged to Baptiste Giabiconi. Karl Lagerfeld took care of it while Baptiste was on holiday, and refused to return the cat upon the rightful owner’s return.


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