5 Fashion Trends that Refuse to Die

5 Fashion Trends that Refuse to Die

Posted 2017-01-26 by David Anthonyfollow

Some fashion trends are enduring because of people's undying love for them.

Others survive because they are simply all class and all quality.

High fashion celebrities and everyday folk alike love certain trends so much that they refuse to die out no matter how much everyone's fashion sense evolves.

Here are five fashion trends that have endured the test of time, both for the high flyer and the everyday Joe and Josephine.


Knitwear will always be fashionable in various forms; scarves, sweaters, dresses, blouses, and more.

Knitwear, is more popular with women, specially as a work wardrobe, because it's a perfect balance between casual and over the top fashion.

Knitwear clothes are a favourite with stars like Ellie Goulding and Eva Longoria.

Denim Jeans

Denim jeans have always been fashionable and are not likely to go out fashion any time soon.

Traditionally dyed with Indigo, they are believed to originated in the United States sometime during the 19th century.

A pair of jeans is like a second skin when you find the perfect pair. They can always be relied upon as a good-looking grab and go option.

They're comfortable and extremely versatile, able to be dressed up or down according to the occasion.

Wear them to work with a blazer or a party out with friends paired with a shirt of any kind.

Super models including Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Alessanda Ambrosio are proof that denim jeans are a fashion item here to stay.

Ugg Boots

This style of sheepskin boot keeps one's feet warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.

Often referred to as simply "uggs", slang for "ugly" in Australia, these boots with their tanned outer surface quickly became fashionable after first being spotted in Australia during the 1960s.

With brands like Ugg Express now a favourite in Australia and the world over, Uggs adorn the feet of high-fashion celebrities including Blake Lively, Kate Upton and Cameron Diaz among many others.

Wrap Dress

Diane Von Furstenberg's revolutionary frock design released during the 70s had a ground breaking impact on the landscape of the fashion industry.

So much so that it is now undergoing a reinvention .

The wrap dress has since then been adapted by many designers and brands.

It has evolved, but its timeless appeal has remained intact throughout the years. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and Oprah Winfrey are among the many who adore this trend.

Panama Hats

This traditional hat was first found in Ecuador during the 1630s. Originally marketed from Panamá, it was given the name "Panama hat".

The process to make one of these hats requires a lot of finesse, and due to its excellent quality, many esteemed personalities have been drawn to this hat such as the likes of Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemmingway, and Paul Newman.

Panama hats are persistently gaining more popularity as more and more celebrities are using it as an accessory to amp up their looks. Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz , Tom Cruise, and Ian Somerhalder are big fans of this trend.

These classic trends will work for you to build up an enviable wardrobe that requires minimum effort. And as they'll never go out of fashion, these are the must-haves.


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