9 Reasons Silk Is Making a Come Back

9 Reasons Silk Is Making a Come Back

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Silk Clothing - The Newest Trend

Years ago, silk was one of the most widely used textiles. It opened the door to China and created an entire industry. Over the centuries, silk clothing was replaced by cheaper options, such as cotton. Now, the fashion industry has begun to understand the benefits of silk and we see a comeback of silk clothing. There are 9 good reasons to use silk clothing.

1. Silk is hypoallergenic. Today, many people face skin irritation issues. Because of silk's ability to wick moisture from the skin, silk is one of the best fabrics to use; it is recommended to stay away from synthetic fabrics if you have sensitive skin.

2. Silk is breathable. It can keep you warm in the winter by preserving body temperature or to keep you cool by allowing air flow. This means that silk is often the best choice for base layering. It also is suggested that women were facing menopause sleep in silk pajamas to ease hot flashes.

3. Silk can dry very quickly. Being able to absorb up to 30% of its body weight without feeling damp makes silk one of the best materials for items such as swim suits. It can do so because silk is a protein similar to hair.

4. Silk is soft and luxurious. This is one of the reasons that it was so coveted centuries ago. Against the skin, silk feels better than any fabric. Compared to other fabrics, silk clothing appears to have a natural luster and smoothness.

5. Silk is durable and strong. Because of its durability, silk is often used in heirloom pieces. It resists soil and odors well despite how delicate it may seem. Unlike other fabrics, silk will not fuzz up over time and usage.

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6. Silk is natural elastic. It can stretch up to 20% making it an ideal component in clothing, easing away stiffness.

7. Silk is one of the finest, natural fabrics. The fashion industry is searching for luxurious and fine fabrics to use in their high-end pieces. Silk fits the bill for many designers as one of the best fabrics when making quality clothing.

8. Silk takes color well but is easy to maintain. Often, silk can hold the brightest of dyes, making for gorgeous pieces of clothing. Silk clothing is easy to maintain and usually is machine washable. In general, there are no special ways to wash the fabric. Little maintenance is required to have quality clothing.

9. Silk is timeless. It has been historically used for centuries. Because of all of the benefits listed, silk has withstood the test of time and is a beloved fabric still.

Looking at the benefits of silk, it is no wonder that the fashion industry has begun to add silk into more material components of clothing. In a time when people expect the best quality clothing for their money, the fashion industry has caught onto the many reasons to utilize silk.


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