Army Pants A Hip Fashion Item

Army Pants A Hip Fashion Item

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You have seen them in the street, you maybe even have a pair in your wardrobe. Although they seem to be so popular, many people have mixed feelings about them. Are they elegant? Certainly not, but elegance is not everything. There are ways to look great without being on high heels. Army pants represent that type of comfortable clothing that will help you remain stylish and cool.

Is this the season’s trend? Actually, although they were never in the mainstream fashion, army pants have been 'in' for quite some time already, they have become some sort of classics. Often associated with particular subcultures like punk or heavy metal, army pants make a fashion statement. They tell everyone around you vote for comfortable clothes. Together with other pieces of clothing inspired by the military field, camouflage trousers are an emerging trend and make their way towards every woman’s wardrobes.

Usually made of cotton, army pants are great for the cold season, especially during windy times. Cool and quirky, they will keep you warm and protected from the winter weather, and they make a great choice especially if you are planning to spend a few hours outdoors. Did it just snow in your town and you want to go play snowballs with your kids? Put on your army pants and you are ready to go.

However, there is also the option of going for a thinner fabric than the tough cotton used in the military. There are different types of fabrics that just imitate the camouflage pattern and make army pants wearable in the summer time. Your camouflage pants are the perfect choice for summer activities as well, whether you are heading to the beach, planning a picnic with the family, or going for a hike in the mountains.

If you are wondering what you can wear with your camouflage trousers, you should know they go best with plain color t-shirts in shades of beige, light pink, kaki, black, and charcoal grey. You can also go for the the total army look. This is a bold outfit not advisable to adopt for every day use, especially if you are not comfortable with the statement associated with it.

There is only one thing you might want to check: the situation. What are you dressing up for? What are your plans for the day? If you have to attend a top notch business meeting, you might want to avoid wearing your army pants. Camouflage trousers go for more casual contexts like having drinks with friends in a bar, going for a walk or doing the shopping.


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