Best Summer Dresses

Best Summer Dresses

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Tired of the wintry gloom, each year women are looking forward to the sunny days of summer. When the first signs of summer appear, all the fashionistas take advantage to dress up in their brand new outfits. What will we see in the streets this summer? Here are a few general ideas.

Vividly colored dresses

Summer’s trends are generous when it comes to the choice of chromatic tones. Almost anything goes, from the neutral light shades to the classical dark ones such as khaki, gray, navy blue or black, going through a whole palette of vibrant colors (yellow, orange) and adding rich tones of red and purple. Green is declined in so many versions: bottle, tree, sea, anise… However, if you are not the bold type, go for pastel colors as they are equally trendy.

Stylish cuts

Graphical or classic, summer dresses must combine femininity, romanticism and comfort. All fashion codes are restored and the hot season is a good opportunity to play the card of glamor. Fashion podiums have been witnessing the vintage madness for quite some time. Therefore, it is just normal for the fashion of the 20s with its fringes to be in. The little black dress will stay in the closet as, summer trends are in favor of straight cut, low waist and sequined dresses. In the same spirit, medium length dresses are in, but long dresses look equally trendy if they feature a trendy pattern.

Floral and ethnic prints

Materials inspired from the rich African culture, but also patterns coming from Asian territories and big floral prints invaded the catwalks and they are visible in the streets during the summer. The style often hesitates between gypsy and safari. The famous cashmere Indian motif stormed out covering dresses, but also shorts and the trendy pajama pants.

Laces and transparent fabrics

White for the shy girls, vividly colored for the eccentric ones, lace makes a come back. Noble, subtle and very sensual fabric, lace is not longer reserved to sexy underwear. It makes up whole dresses or just parts of them (sleeves, ruffles). The same goes for transparent veils. Summer dresses are pretty much revealing, according to fashion trends.


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