Brighten up your basics

Brighten up your basics

Posted 2015-05-08 by Sophiefollow

As warmer weather slowly approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, every sunny day enters new wave of joy and pleasantness into our mood, but our outfits should welcome some new spirit too. If you are faced with monotonous and sapless scenes every time you open your wardrobe, that’s a certain sign that your clothes’ collection longs for the diversity of new colours. Even if you have never felt confident enough to brighten up your wardrobe, you should know that it’s simpler than you thought and the way colours affect your overall mood and appearance will just blow you away. Thus, don’t hesitate any more, revive your closet and enter a light inside by applying some of those great tips:

1. Give neutral tones a new shine

Regardless whether you adore wearing things in neutral colours or you just want to keep your wardrobe classy and subtle, include brighter versions of neutral tones which you can successfully combine even with gloomy pieces. Move away from uniformity, and apply gentle nuances of grey, white, beige or blue to make an impressive contrast with dark clothes you would like to keep within your closet. Creamy shades and light pastels are excellent refreshment for sweaters, blouses and shirts which are to be paired with dark trousers, skirts or even jeans. Since neutral colours are universal and everlasting, having them in your wardrobe gives you dozens of combinations and opportunities, but still, you should pay attention you don’t end up with too neutral and invisible look.

2. Enter colours gradually

When you’re not familiar with colourful outfit “adventures”, it is reasonable if you start refreshing your wardrobe with a dose of skepticism and concern. If you like to play it safe, it’s best to set light to your closet by bringing vividly coloured bandana, belt, purse or other smaller accessories which will cheer up neutral clothes you already have. A big wardrobe cleanup is a great chance to import few powerful shades, where you can consider purchasing women’s clothing online , since that way you can immediately see which pieces and colours you miss in your wardrobe and order them online.

3. Make it bolder

Try thinking about the power that bold colours give to your appearance – and you’ll see that colouring is more than worthwhile. You can mix different one-coloured pieces by pairing yellow with blue and grey, or if black makes comfort for you, combine it with impressive red, green or orange tones. Include a bit of intrigue and diversity with monochromatic skirts, tops and blouses patterned with vivid shapes and prints that create stylish look when connected to blank pieces.

4. Lighten your apparels with high-spirited shades

Although this looks like an extraordinarily brave step, radiant tones are actually not so hard to combine and wear. While neon nuances of orange, mint green and purple present fascinating refreshment even when combined mutually, for those who prefer less glittering, but joyful appearance, fluorescent coloured accessories, such as sunglasses and scarfs paired with radiant shoes or handbag can be great way of refreshing tedious clothing style. Open your wardrobe for fashionable shoes, purses and evening dresses in metallic shades of gray, green and blue, and you’ll discover real explosion of energy, attractiveness and authenticity.

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