Erstwilder Quirky Brooches and Jewellery

Erstwilder Quirky Brooches and Jewellery

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If you have yet to catch on to the Erstwilder craze, be warned, these beauties are seriously addictive.

Erstwilder is a Melbourne based label, who design and produce special little collectibles in the form of brooches, necklaces and earrings.

Each new series released is themed into groups, mostly inspired by wildlife, retro, art-deco and rockabilly designs.

Big in the pinup fashion world, some Erstwilder brooches have become so extraordinarily in demand, some of rare designs sell for big dollars on second hand websites. There's even a Facebook group set up for those who wish to buy, swap and sell Erstwilder pieces.

To give you an idea of what's available right now, Erstwilder's recent collection introduces a touch of the pre-historics to adorn your outfits with:

The Lone Raptor Brooch

Rex the Tyrant King Brooch

If Erstwildersauras don't rock your world, perhaps a flock of birds may sing the song of your people:

Fancie Jo Sparrow Brooch

Carnaboo the Cockatoo Brooch

An alternate choice, might be that of the intergalactic type:

Super Dooper Nova Brooch

Rebel, Rebel Brooch

These are merely a fraction of the wonderful resin brooches available to buy from Erstwilder. Stockists all over Australia and globally sell old and new collections, waiting to for you to buy and add to your jewellery stash.

Head to [link] and go nuts. You have been warned, Erstwilder collections are seriously addictive.


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