Eyecatching eyeshadows

Eyecatching eyeshadows

Posted 2014-06-27 by Tammy Faceyfollow
My cousin works for MAC but that doesn't mean he's not lured by the pull of new make up products.

He gets sent numerous products on a weekly basis and half the time gives them to me. He recently gave me a handful of new eyeshadows that have come on to the market, all of which I adore.

This takes the concept of shadow to a new place. A special place. Where ‘sexy cartoon witch’ and ‘raving to electro at Exit festival’ collide in an iridescent green-bronze haze. Even if you’re a bit crap with eye make-up, this makes it look like you know your hot-right-now-totally- 2014 onions. Chameleon glow in U-turn, £8, Topshop

Do you want shiny molten silveryness on your eyes, like a space vixen/disco living statue? Of course you do. The best thing about this cream is that it looks like proper liquid metal and is excellent for daubing onto your eyes with your fingers. It’s long-lasting and non-creasing too. Liquid Metal in Phenomena, £17.50, Illamasqua

If you thought gold leaf vodka was high end, meet gold leaf eyeshadow. Created by jeweller Julia Muggenburg of the Belmacz Gallery, this is one of my new favourite gold options because of the subtle way it glints in the light. Blitz 24ct Gold Leaf eyeshadow, £29, Cult Beauty

Pots of eyeshadow are forever getting dropped/smudging/giving you weird eye bags – which is I we like these handbag-friendly chunky pencils from Urban Decay that have the bonus of being waterproof. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Pencil, £15, Debenhams

Smoky, sexy, smudged and sexual eyeshadow is all yours my friends!


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