How To Choose The Most Stylish Outdoor Lounge This Summer

How To Choose The Most Stylish Outdoor Lounge This Summer

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As the weather warms up, your outdoor lounge will be your new best friend. Together you'll enjoy endless red wine, warm evenings and good times.

However knowing exactly which setting suits you and your outdoor needs can be a little bit tricky. Whether you are doing an outdoor renovation or just sprucing up an existing space these are some tips to make life a little easier with the decision making process.

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1. Location

It is important to determine exactly where your outdoor furniture lounge will be positioned. A few questions to ask yourself is where do you plan to position it? Will it need to be moved easily? Is it a large open space or on a small balcony? Will it stay under shelter or will it be completely exposed to Australia's harsh elements ?

With these questions in mind you can start to determine the materials and the quality of finish that will be required for the lounge setting. If you are close to a coastal area and your outdoor lounge setting is going to be exposed to the elements, it would be ideal to have a weather resistant fabric as well as the frame being made from rust resistant aluminium to withstand the conditions.

2. Size

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A few important questions to ask is how many people do you plan on seating at any given time, and will it fit the space well? There are single sun lounges to large sofa and modular sets which can accommodate large groups of people. Making them perfect for those large family get together's. All if your more inclined to work on your tan, there are plenty of beach side style sun lounges on the market that can be place on a small balcony or along the poolside.

3. Budget

Once you've determined the location and the overall size, the next step is finding a lounge setting that fits your budget. It's best to buy quality rather then going for the cheaper option as you will find yourself replacing your lounge setting within a year or two. You essentially get what you pay for and it will work out cheaper in the long run with purchasing quality outdoor furniture lounges that will last up to 10 years.

4. Look

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A few questions to ask yourself now that you've determined the location, size and budget is what is the overall tone and feel of your outdoor living area? Does it have a particular theme? Does it tie in with the rest of the house and other living area's? An outdoor living area that fits the rest of the house can help with increasing property value. There are many contemporary styles of outdoor lounges available that can suit your personal tastes. You can add pops of colour with different cushion options or incorporate more industrial looks to your outdoor living area's with harsher colours and finishes.


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