Stylish Kids Fashion For Every Occasion

Stylish Kids Fashion For Every Occasion

Posted 2015-08-13 by Sophiefollow
Many children start to develop a sense for fashion in their early ages, so you shouldn’t be surprised if your little girl is not indifferent towards her school outfit anymore. Now you’ve got two options – to choose stylish clothes she would like to wear or to go through a real disaster every morning. Since the first scenario looks like the best choice for you and your little schoolgirl or schoolboy, you’re left with nothing but to get nice, comfy and modern pieces suitable for everyday wear.

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Here are some cool suggestions which may help you with that:

Practical and comfy jeans

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A pair of jeans is something what every child should have in its wardrobe, especially because it’s very combinable and appropriate for everyday outfit. Although there are a few totally awesome jeans trends, your kid’s school outfit should definitely include high-waisted and straight–legged jeans. If you choose the high-waisted jeans for your little lady, pair them with vivid camisoles and cheer up the outfit with cute crop sweater. You can pick either skinny or wider straight-legged jeans for your boy and match them with cotton T-shirts, since this casual look is now very trendy.

The brighter the better

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Your kid’s wardrobe certainly shouldn’t miss colourful and bright pieces, where you can choose anything from shirts, skirts, pants to snickers. Think about comfy cotton shirt patterned with brightly coloured stripes, neon pants or bold leggings for your cheerful girl, and match them with subtly coloured pieces. Colourfully stripped polo shirt may be an excellent choice for your boy, especially if paired with classic blue jeans. If your kid prefers a unicolour outfit, bold fall coat or trendy multi-coloured snickers can be a great way to jolly monochromatic combinations.

Dressed for the occasion

Although your kid’s school wear should be based on greatly comfortable, most likely wash & wear pieces, formal wear is something your kid also must have in his/her wardrobe , because your little friend should be dressed properly for various school ceremonies. Multilayered skirt wrapped into floral patterns and whole-coloured shirt is an outfit which works great for a picture day. However, your girl will maybe participate in more glamorous school events, such as concert or a choir show, so she should have at least one pair of classic ballet flats and cute satin dress with lace and silky ribbons included.

Plaid & denim for lovely country look

Ever since plaid became recognizable motif of strict school uniforms, we knew it’ll come back to fashion, but this time (luckily) in a funnier way. Pair modern-cut plaid shirt with denim inserts with original blue jeans and above-ankle leather boots to get lovely western-style outfit for your schoolboy. Bleached denim jacket and comfy plaid dress stand out as popular fashion combination and it’s pretty sure your girl will like it as well as you.

Dressing your child for school doesn’t have to be a troublesome adventure as long as you follow your child’s preferences and include some of the truly divine and trendy pieces in its wardrobe.

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