The Best Colours of Lipstick for Olive Skin

The Best Colours of Lipstick for Olive Skin

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The choice of cosmetic products is as important as that of a skirt or of a pair of earrings. Your complexion is the first criteria to consider when looking for lipstick, because the colour you put on your lips should be in total harmony with your skin. For instance, soft chromatic tones like beige, salmon and rosewood are recommended for women with a light complexion, while red haired women with a rosy skin will wonderfully adopt warm colors. On the contrary, intense tones will highlight a dark skinned person’s lips.

One of the first things to do when picking a lipstick colour is trying to understand what would look naturally good with your skin. Thus, women with olive complexion will successfully turn towards calm and warm tones of brown and darker shades of red. Wine, plums, berries and raisins shades look very beautiful with this type of skin as they belong to the rich palette of colors deriving from natural elements.

There are, obviously, colours and shades better to be avoided by women with olive complexion. For instance, lighter colours simply do not match this skin type as they create a striking contrast with it. It is particularly recommended to avoid pink tones, especially the brightest ones, as well as orange shades which tend to be unflattering, when combined with olive skin.

When it comes to picking the best color of lipstick for olive skin, the choice can often depend on the occasion. Are you preparing for a social gathering or for a date? The rich red color or the plum wine colors match very well olive skin. They will not only enhance your natural beauty, but they can also make a big statement. These lipstick tones combined with a sophisticated make-up, will certainly provide you with a glamorous look that will turn many heads and make other women envious.

In order to make an informed choice, you should know that there are several types of lipsticks. First, there are matte models that provide you with a creamy finish. They offer the advantage of resisting longer and of being more stable. Thus, by opting for the matte lipstick, you will not have to check your make-up several times a day as its oil-based formula ensures a long lasting colour on your lips. This type of lipstick is appropriate for a chic and sober look. You can choose it as your daily make-up for office hours and casual social events.

There is also the pearly lipstick with an iridescent look. Moreover, its creamy texture makes it enjoyable and comfortable. Glossy lipsticks are very bright, regardless of color. They moisturise the lips and provide them with a luscious look and enhancing their volume. Both pearly and glossy lipsticks are appropriate for the evening, especially if you put on an elegant outfit. Finally, if you go for a natural look, you should consider transparent lipsticks that beautify your lips without painting them.


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