The Lost Lanes Stylish Online Marketplace

The Lost Lanes Stylish Online Marketplace

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The Lost Lanes

In our technologically advanced world, websites such as The Lost Lanes bring the best style and design to one online marketplace, giving more reason to shop in the comfort of your own home.

Inspired by London's East End markets and galleries, founders Michael and Raquel launched The Lost Lanes in April 2013. They wanted to work with British designers and take them to a global audience relighting peoples passion for design.

The Lost Lanes Online Marketplace

The Lost Lanes offers stylish decor for the home, including wall art, lamp shades and soft furnishings.

Giraffe Limited Edition Print by Casey Rogers

On the accessories front - phone cases, changeable colour umbrellas and hot water bottles give you every reason to go shopping.

Colour Wheel Squidarella Umbrella by SquidLondon

Jewellery pieces are far from your average, including antler rings, DJ turntable necklaces, squirrel cameo brooches and more.

Antler Ring by Aether Design

Fans of Effie's trinket lashes seen in The Hunger Games - Catching Fire, may take a liking to the delicate handmade eyelash adornments for sale through designer In Your Dreams

Bow Eyelashes by In Your Dreams

Men's fashion is covered with designs by Rude selling funky men's tees and shirts that certainly stand out from the crowd.

Grey Shirt by Rude

The Lost Lanes moves away from the mass produced nonsense found in most of the high street, and takes all the good stuff found in craft and design markets, putting it into a funky one-stop online shop. If you are looking for modern design and stylish wares, you can't go wrong here.

You can follow The Lost Lanes on facebook and instagram and go shopping on .


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