The Ultimate Swimsuit Guide How to Find The Perfect Fit For Every Body Type

The Ultimate Swimsuit Guide How to Find The Perfect Fit For Every Body Type

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Finding the right swimsuit may be a stressful journey. There are few things when it comes to clothing, that give women more anxiety than swimwear. Because swimwear is so revealing, it is especially important that it match one’s figure. It is no myth that it is possible to find perfect suit to flatter every figure. The secret is knowing what to look for.

  • Figure out your body type

  • To choose a perfect swimsuit, you should first know your body type . Some basic woman shapes are hourglass (feminine and curvy, bust have equal measurements as hips), pear shaped (hips and ties bigger in measurements than the upper body part), inverted triangle (figure is broader on the top half of the body), athletic or boyish (no waist, slim hips, broad shoulders), apple shape (waist is significantly wider than hips), large bust, small bust…

  • Hourglass

  • As this shape is seemingly the perfect body shape, you can get away with almost any swimwear style. Don’t be afraid of bold colors to show off your balanced curves. You should also opt for swimsuits that accentuate your waist. Two-piece swimsuits are generally best for this body shape, but if you choose a one-piece, you’ll not be wrong.

  • Inverted triangle

  • Look for a swimsuit that can offer support for your chest , while in the same time providing a great cleavage. A good choice for that could be halter-style tops, and also tops that can be tied around the neck, so you can adjust them for a personal fit. To balance your silhouette, consider accents on the hips, like ties, belts and added detailing.

  • Pear shaped

  • If you are pear shaped, try to bring focus to the upper half or your body, with fun details on the top. As for bottom half, you should wear darker color and higher cut, to create the illusion of longer legs. Choose colors and patterns that will balance your body visually – interesting patterns draw attention to your top, while dark, solid colors on the bottom minimize attention.

  • Athletic shape

  • Because you have boyish figure your body lacks curves, and you don’t have a defined waist. By wearing a one piece swimsuit you can create an illusion of a curvy body. Pretty patterns and detailing will help to add a more feminine touch while balancing out a more athletic frame.

  • Apple shape

  • If you tend to carry weight in your midsection, choosing a swimsuit may be stressful for you. To create balance, you should take emphasis away from the bust, shoulders and stomach and draw the eye to the bottom half of your body. The ideal swimsuit will have a plain top half design that should visually reduce the bust area and an interesting patterned bottom that will emphasis the lower half. Also, high cut bottoms will slim your legs.

  • Large bust

  • It's really important when you have a bigger bust that you support your busts in the same way you would with your bra. Halternecks are the best style of swimwear for women with a large bust, because they provide perfect support for the bust and can create a beautiful pin-up look. To balance your figure, choose cupped underwire bikini styles with fuller cups.

  • Small bust

  • If you have a small bust, you probably want to accentuate it. If you're looking to create more cleavage, opt for an underwire bra top. Triangle tops with padding are ideal for small busts, but there are a lot of other ways to enhance your chest, for example a lot of details on your top, rhinestones, tassels, rivets, bows and various decorations.

    If you follow general guidelines for swimsuit shopping for every body type, but also, staying true to your own style, you can find the perfect fit for your body. Don’t forget that the thing that makes you rock out your swimsuit on the beach is, first of all, your confidence.


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