Christian Louboutin Red Is The New Black

Christian Louboutin Red Is The New Black

Posted 2014-03-19 by SJPfollow

In the last three decades, shoes have been redefined by the one and only Christian Louboutin . With his signature scarlet red bottoms; his clients have ranged from royalty, the rich, the famous, and your everyday shoe enthusiast. Everywhere you turn, we are immersed in his collection - especially throughout pop culture.

Although his shoes are expensive, his collections are both classic, unique, and above all comfort is second to none. Unfortunately, not all styles and colours are available in Australia, but selected styles and collections are available at certain David Jones stores throughout the country.

One of my favourite collections is 5 Shades of Nude. This collection comprises of five iconic styles in five different shades. Ranging from a fair blush to a rich chestnut; Louboutin wants the shoe to disappear on a woman’s foot and become a fluid extension of the woman’s legs, elongating the silhouette.

Just like Louboutin, I believe that every woman should have a least one pair that is a close representation of their skin tone. This pair will not only elongate your legs, but it will also go with any outfit - day or night.

Red is the new black, but nude will always be your best friend.


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