Best beach look for 2016

Best beach look for 2016

Posted 2016-03-19 by GabbyDIfollow
Summer is almost here! Hot weather, sun, longer days, beach, seaside, new cool swimming suits, everything about the summer is great. So, you have to look your best, feel right and be happy. When you are on the beach you have to feel comfortable and great, and of course you have to have the right swimming suit for it.

{Oh that body!}

In winter, you may eat more than you usually do, so you might gain a little weight that you did not expect. Also, you wear different type of clothes with several layers, warmer. Then comes spring when you usually start preparations for the summer. The weather is warmer so you can be more active outdoors. You can exercise more, eat less, go to the gym, go for longer walks, etc. You want your body to look perfect   for the beach.

{Exercising and eating}

Summer is getting close and you want to look your best, which means that you should be more active in exercising and you should keep an eye on what you eat. When you start preparing, you should keep some kind of a journal of what you are doing. You should start with eating healthier food, less calories, more vegetables, no sweets of any kind, etc. Then comes the working out. You should be persistent and find the best type of exercises  which suits you.

{Your skin your hair and the sun}

Everybody loves to have a great tan. Your skin glows, your eyes, your hair, your clothes stand out even more when you get a great tan. However, you must pay attention. You should always carefully choose the sunscreen depending on your type of skin and the UV rays. You should always hydrate your skin- if the skin is hydrated, it will tan better. Also, in the shower you should gently scrub off the dry skin and then moisturize it with a lotion that fits your type of skin. If the sun is too strong, you should always find some kind of a shade. If you don’t like lying around all day in sun, you can get tan by jogging or even playing volleyball at the beach. Also, one more important thing- your hair! Take care of your hair, get the right haircut, cut the split ends- just prepare your hair for the beach so that you can feel more comfortable. And of course, last but not least the swimming suit.

{Swimming suits}

Although it is tough to choose the best one, you have to think about the most important thing about it- how it fits your body shape. Body shape differs, so you have to pay attention which one are you buying. So, if you have a pear shape body, or have bigger/smaller breasts, if you are sporty, or very curvy, even with a little bit or more tummy, you can find the swimsuit that fits you best. If you are especially aware of how your tummy looks in a swimsuit there is also tummy control swimwear available   to make your concerns go away.
In couple of months the summer will be here, you can almost smell it in the air. The sea, the beautiful beaches, the tan, the lotions, summer dresses, etc. Everything will shine. Hopefully you will find great help in abovementioned advice so that you can start preparing for it. You can do everything by yourself, so don’t be lazy and go for a run!


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