Comfy Clothes for Mum and Baby

Comfy Clothes for Mum and Baby

Posted 2015-07-15 by GabbyDIfollow
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Having a baby doesn’t mean that you need to give up on your appearance and wear only sweatpants and t-shirts. Being a fashionable mum isn’t always easy, especially if you are trying to find clothes that will fit you, be comfortable and still look stylish.  But don’t despair, everything is not lost. Here you will read all about comfortable and trendy clothing lines that will suit not only you but your little one too.

The first thing you need to think about when purchasing new clothes is quality and durability. Your body has changed and it will continue changing, you will lose the baby weight in a period of time so it’s best to think economical. The best choice for clothing in which you will feel comfy is to choose some lightweight fabrics and also fabrics that are moisture-wicking. Other fabrics that are good and comfortable are definitely cotton, jersey and mesh.

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Also, keep in mind your body type. It’s crucial to know whether you are an apple, pear or hourglass. It doesn’t matter if you have gained or lost weight along the way, your body type will never change. If you are a pear look for some light colored tops and flared pants, you should definitely avoid bottoms with down stripes. For apples, it’s recommended to go for loose tops and capris or leggings. Unlike pears, you should definitely avoid flared pants. Hourglass figures should look for V-neck shirts and skirts, but should go around loose clothes and high necks.
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Beside these tips, you should keep in mind some helpful websites   that are here to aid you in finding the perfect clothes that will be both cute and comfy. For example, Stitch Fix is a kind of an online stylist that picks out 5 pieces of clothing for you and mails them to your house. There is an additional 20$ stylist fee that gets add to your purchase. You can easily return anything you don’t like. The other great website is ThredUp, where you purchase amazing second-hand clothes both for you and your children. There is a variety of clothes just for children, and the best thing is when they overgrow their old clothes, you can ship it to ThredUp and if they accept it you get store credit. These are some great and simple ways to dress up both yourself and your kids in something that will be stylish, pretty and comfortable at the same time.

When it comes to putting your little one in something comfortable, it is always a good choice to choose some baby blankets or swaddle bags, but my personal favorite is definitely joey swag   which is a type of a baby sleeping bag that’s actually a wearable blanket. It’s used instead the conventional sheets and blankets.


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