Hot summer trends for 2016

Hot summer trends for 2016

Posted 2016-05-10 by GabbyDIfollow
Hot summer days are getting closer, with trends we are going to love being so diverse and numerous, every woman will be able to find something for herself. From vibrant colours to sensual materials and throw back cuts, 2016 is definitely going to be remembered as the year of many different fashion choices.

{Lingerie everywhere}

What once was a bedroom attire has now become appropriate for everyday wearing. Underwear as the outerwear found its way back from the 90s and girls are already loving it. Whether you choose to go to a dinner date or dress for the red carpet, delicate lace lingerie dresses are the perfect to wear. Sheer chiffon baby-dolls, sensuous dresses, delicate camisoles, and silk robes were introduced on this year runways and will be the true hit this summer. Match a lavender camisole with a pair of jeans, add nude pumps to it and the ultimate lingerie-inspired outfit is ready for the girl’s night out.

{Mix and mismatch}

Clash of colours, lengths and patterns is what this summer is going to be all about. Whenever you think of matching certain pieces of clothing, just remember – mismatched is the trendy solution. This is the perfect way for you to free your creative side and experiment with your style. Feel free to wear black footwear and pink bag alongside nude belt. The time of colour coordination is long behind us.

{Net all the way}

Balmain, Victoria Beckham, Celine, Rodarte and Valentino are designers who introduced the net trend on the runways this season. Everything from maxi dresses, fishnet vests, shorts, skirts and tops will be in the knitwear section and present this summer. If you have not filled your closet with knitwear pieces, make sure to buy a couple first thing. Not only is it trendy, but perfectly comfortable for summer as well.

{Shoulders uncovered}

Open shoulders are a great way to show woman’s sensual side. Bra tops, cut-out sleeves and halter-strap will best expose the right amount of skin. Furthermore, a dress with an intersecting high neckline will also do the work, and make the bear shoulders as seductive as ever. This is how the shoulders will be uncovered and perfectly accentuated.

{Trend of Orange}

Nothing says summer the way citrus bright colours and shades do. Juicy orange tones will be dominant this summer, and everything from dresses, skirts, pants, tops to swimsuits are going to be in the sunset shade. Feel free to match bright orange dress with nude or black footwear and a black purse. Incorporate designer sunglasses into the outfit and you are all set.

{Ruffles are back}

70s are back and they have brought ruffles to the streets. A red dress with ruffles gives just the right amount of Latin touch we need to spice up the outfit. They can be big, small, and from head to toe, but the fact is they will be everywhere. From tops, shirts, to dresses and shirts, ruffles are making a huge comeback.

{Silver lining}

Silver is definitely going to conquer the fashion world this summer. This trend is heading towards the very top with dresses, shirts and skirts made in shiny silver colour. Kim Kardashian made a great silver debut at the 2016 Met Gala and considering she has always been a trendsetter, silver is definitely going to be one of the leading summer trends in 2016.

2016 is nothing if not extravagant. Silver dresses, ruffles and lingerie worn as an outerwear are the best examples nothing can surprise us in the world of fashion anymore. Be bold, be creative and feel free to experiment with your style in order to be a true fashionista this summer.


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