5 Outfits to Try this Season

5 Outfits to Try this Season

Posted 2015-04-09 by Sophiefollow
With changeable weather you simply do not know what to wear to avoid having your limbs frozen. One day it’s 20 degrees and sunshine, and the other – time for a winter coat. In order to help you be prepared for almost any possible situation this new season, we have come up with a list of five outfits that you simply must try out.

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Trench coat Converse

Transitional period demands special pieces of garment. Trench coat is a must in every woman’s dresser since you never know when an unexpected shower can happen. Find a denim-effect trench in order to achieve a chic errand outfit, and combine it with a pair of black skinny jeans and Converse. This way, you will be ready to go wherever and do whatever you want without being disturbed by an occasional light rain.


Wearing a hat is not a new idea, especially when visiting festivals. However, having a ‘statement headgear’ is something you should try out as soon as possible. And make sure to match it with your shoes or bag, in order to achieve a balanced look. Do not be afraid of oversized sunglasses , because these will spice up the casual look you wish to achieve.

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Army green jacket striped top

As the case in every season, army green jacket is simply an epitome of classic fashion style. Invest into one and combine it with cropped cigarette pants and striped boatneck tops, change the colour and you will have a dozen of new outfits each day. Not only will you be fashionable each time you are out of the house, but you will be able to look either sporty or stylish if you decide to combine the outfit with sneakers or high heels.

Wheels wear

If you are often on wheels, having the so called ‘wear-what-your-wheels-wear look’ will be simply adorable. Do not be afraid to combine an open-knit ombre sweater and an asymmetric skirt, because this kind of style is just a subtle fashion ‘do’. If your wheels are of a motorcycle, you can try out a tough look by combining deep colours with lug-sole boots and mesh-like tank, and soften the combination with silky pants.

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Colourful combinations

And as for the girly part of the population, you can combine all kinds of colourful combinations, tops with full skirts, floral dresses with transitional period jackets , casual bold prints for festivals with low-cut oxfords. And what never goes out of fashion is matching your super-girly skirt with your backpack or a handbag. Adding a denim jacket on top of everything can come handy especially in the chilly evenings, so you will be thankful for thinking ahead.

And finally, do not be afraid to experiment. Try out quirky prints and combine them with utilitarian accessories when going on a festival. Make sure to bring a trench because of unexpected showers. Never forget about accessories and statement badges, since these can turn you into a fashion queen instantly.


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