Bring Beach Flair to Your City Style

Bring Beach Flair to Your City Style

Posted 2016-04-13 by Robert Keithfollow
We all love the easygoing look of beach style. With these simple tricks, it's easy to bring beachwear elements into your city style, too.

Choose flowing fits and fabrics

Beachwear is best defined by its use of flowing, loose clothing and gauzy fabrics. These are easily incorporated into dressed-up city looks. Maxi dresses, maxi skirts, wide-legged pants, and long tunics are options that work for all body types. Look for ones that are made of lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton.

To dress things up even more, a designer kaftan would be perfect for an outdoor party or dinner with friends. Open-weave tops and mesh details give an airy, relaxed feel. Use embellishments like beading, sequins, and shells to bring out your personal style. To elevate your look, add a gauzy scarf---infinity ones drape over the neck and shoulders nicely.

Play with color and texture

Certain colors naturally evoke a beach feel, and many of them work year-round. Pops of bright colors like hot pink, lime green, electric blue, coral and yellow are fun options. Or, for a subtle look, you could choose sea colors like sea-foam green, aqua, light blue, white, or sand-colored hues.

Add some beach texture with rope-like or braided elements, such as braided straps on a tank top or bag or a rope-like belt for a tunic. Braided straps on flip flops or sandals (in both leather and raffia) can add a beachy touch to footwear. Straw elements, such as straw hats, bags, and shoes will perfectly accessorize your look.

Consider prints

Batik, ikat, and ombre all give a subtle beach flavor to your look. For a bolder vibe, try stripes (especially chevron ones) in contrasting hues like blue and white. Beach motifs like crabs, anchors, ships, fish, starfish, or fish-scale prints are suitable options, too. All of these prints are available in both clothes and accessories, so you can easily switch things depending on your mood. For example, you might try an anchor-print t-shirt for a day when you want a strong beach look and choose a scarf with a tiny fish print on a day you want a gentle beach vibe.

Add shimmer with jewellery

The light at the beach is truly special, from foggy, misty mornings to golden, sunny afternoons. You can use your jewellery to catch the light. Metallic hues like gold and silver lend a sparkly sheen to your outfits. You could opt for simple, floating jewellery or bold, rope-like chains. For a true beach feel, you could consider using beach motifs here, too. Starfish earrings and anchor necklaces are very popular. Depending on what you like, you could even choose to "wear" the beach by using sand dollars, sea glass, shells, or coral.

Use the right headwear

Headwear includes sunglasses and hair accessories, and it's one of the areas people often forget when trying to put together a beach look. But, it's one of the quickest ways to lend a beach influence to your city look. Wide cloth headbands (at least 2 inches wide) often come printed with beach motifs like starfish , and many of them are finished to look like tied scarves, so they're both elegant and functional. Gauze and open-weave options are also available. Bobby pins and hair clips can be embellished with pearls or sea glass. Sunglasses instantly give beach flair to your outfit, just aim to pick a pair with wide lenses.

By following these tips, your outfits will be a perfect blend of beach and city styles!


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