Creatives Uncovered Fashion Networking Event

Creatives Uncovered Fashion Networking Event

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One of the models posing for the camera, prior to the catwalk show commencing.

Creatives Uncovered is all about harnessing and promoting fashion and creativity. Working with Chic Petite Events, fashion networking is possible and regular. I was recently invited to a Creatives Uncovered fashion networking event. It was held at Brand X at Central Park in Sydney’s Chippendale.

Skin care and tanning products with a conscience

The turnout was amazing. Anyone who is interested in fashion, among those who are involved in the industry attend such events. It is tricky to know where to start. Social experiences are enjoyed. At the most recent event, Project One were on display. They’re a hairdressing salon in Sydney’s Chippendale, and they were responsible for the hairstyles of the models who appeared on the catwalk. The first prominent stand I visited prior to the catwalk show starting was Tan by Lucy Lane. This is a Brisbane based company who have been in business for the last eight months (as at the time of writing this), where their focus is on organic tanning. They also produce quality hand moisturisers that really nourish the skin. Their products are available at over 60 beauty salons around Australia. Those gold chocolate coins were just divine too.

An abundance of ciders

Next I was fortunate to view the beautiful race fascinators designed by Lisa Schaefer Millinery. Lisa is apparently a qualified milliner with over ten years experience. Her beautiful products were also on show in the catwalk component of this event, tied in with Shamscreations designs.

Teacup shoes in a cool teacup display

Now it was time to be taken back, with opportunities to purchase some stunning jewellery by Rachelle Juter Jewellers. After this, it was definitely time to taste some beautiful wine from the Hunter Valley region, all thanks to Calais Estate. All because I asked, I was able to try a small amount of their 2009 Pinot Noir. Sweet, yet still mellow. The main bar was a little dangerous. Every guest in attendance adored the ciders with cute patterned straws. You could help yourself to these in abundance, while there were other quirks catching our attention in the meantime.

Fashion city indeed

If you fall into the petite category in terms of foot size, Teacup Shoes definitely impressed. People (any woman whose foot size is 4 to 6) tried many of their beautiful shoes on, with Lindor Balls available to enjoy. The creator of Teacup Shoes is a size 5 herself, and she ventured to China to come up with a number of petite shoe designs for the petite woman. Some music entertainment delighted, and just after an hour after the event kicked off; it was time to enjoy the catwalk parade. What many were waiting for.

One of the models getting her hair done by Project One prior to walking the catwalk

Annarita Melinda is a UK based fashion designer. A few of her clothing designs were displayed, comprising of some limited edition prints. Each designer was told to come on stage, and to take a bow. That way everyone in attendance got to put a face to name conversely. Shamscreations fashion designs were featured next on the catwalk, together with Lisa’s gorgeous race fascinators. The clothes on display encompassed this designers signature creations of inspired work clothes.

Live music

A Zimbabwe based designer, House of Bantu’s clothing designs were featured third cab off the rank out of five clothing designers. The theme of her designs was about taking flight and being free.

Ready for the show

Artemis the Label’s clothing designs was the second last to appear on the catwalk show at this event. The theme of her designs was encompassed around the Greek God of the moon. Purity and elegance reigned. This designer was to be seen in the front row of the catwalk, and she brought her partner along to this event.

The venue, inside a new inner city building.

Finally, all good things do come to an end. The last clothing displays on the catwalk came from designer Harlequin Romance. This designers A/W 2014 collection was showcased.

Clothing from a UK fashion designer, Annarita.

Great music accompanied each designers time on the catwalk, and so appropriate. As the evening progressed, a nightclub vibe was enjoyed. All in all a great 90 minutes. It can take a bit of time to settle into this event, yet everyone in attendance seemed to enjoy themselves, including yours truly. The fashion world is ever changing, and ever evolving. Brand X was the perfect venue for this event. This hub is set up for artists and creatives in Sydney.


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