Speedy35 Louis Vuitton Bag

Speedy35 Louis Vuitton Bag

Posted 2014-08-10 by Tammy Faceyfollow

The classic 'speedy' Louis Vuitton bag is one of my most coveted items.

With the classic hologram stitched dark leather and short handles, it has become the bag du jour, ideal to tote around the city/local shops/holiday with.

I've never really been a fan of, or impressed by hologram printed goods, but this Louis Vuitton piece, is pure luxe in my eyes.

The leather is pretty tough too. Although soft, I've had this bag for five years, taken it to cities across the world and it has yet to show as much as a tear.

Like most pieces of leather, the bag wears well with time. I often fill this bag with a paraphernalia of goods, usually when I'm travelling between cities because it is so deep. From groceries, to three pairs of shoes, clothes, straighteners and trainers, you can fit an awful lot in this bag.

I think I'm such a fan because not only is it super wearable because of the neutral colours, durable because of the tough leather, but because it ticks both boxes. It remains on trend since it emerged in the 90's and has served me well.

You will have to fork out an initial $800 to own this bag, but it is 100% worth it.


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