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Fashion is anything and everything. It is about creating a style using apparel. - there are many different types of watches. We compare the watches on the basis of the most important factors: price, requirements and fashion.


Sports watches are designed to help you maximise your training every time. A new line of GPS watches for runners, cyclists and swimmers fall into this category.

Runners: They use sports watches for weight control, performance or speed; and such watches have an indoor tracking feature.

Cyclists: They use sports watches for tracking distances travelled, time and speed.

Swimmers: They use sports watches to measure laps swum, strokes, time and speed.

This particular type of watch has many features available.


Fashion is a symbol of luxury. Luxury is enthused in our living, our food, and in our general lifestyles. Luxury watches are in fashion that everyone wants in their own way. Luxury timepieces are widely respected and easily recognised by people who appreciate luxury.

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Diamonds are used to design watches, because they are pretty, expensive, beautiful and precious. As we know, diamonds are not only dubbed as being a girls best friend, but rather the hardest substance on earth - with unique structures like durability, hardness, and sparkle.

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