Ways to Wear a Scarf during the Summer

Ways to Wear a Scarf during the Summer

Posted 2014-08-15 by Mihaela Schwartzfollow
Scarves are known as typical fall-winter accessories. But they are so colorful and charming that many of us would like to wear them all year round. The only problem is: how can one bear a scarf around her neck under the torrid summer sun? Here are a few ideas gathered from around the web for all of you who want to continue wearing your lovely scarves even in the hot days of summer:

Vintage Style Scarf Top

All you need to make a scarf shirt is two square scarves, preferably colorful if you want to achieve the vintage effect. Put the one you will use as front on you and use a mirror to measure and arrange the neckline, sew them together and here is your brand new stylish top!

Image courtesy of Elizabeth White

Bohemian Style Scarf Top

Need something sexier? You can always turn a long scarf into a top to wear at the beach, but also for a night out in town. Just take the scarf, wrap it around your neck and your body and make a knot around your waist.

Image courtesy of Daniella Araujo

Beach Style Scarf Top

Take a big scarf, put it around your neck, making sure you have two equal parts in each of your hands. Cross them around the neck and make a knot on your back. A few moves and you have a new beachwear item.

Scarf Necklace

Your favorite scarf can turn into a beautiful necklace during the summer. Just roll it as much as you can, then bend it into two and let the two parts curl one into the other. The effect is always fresh and charming.

Image courtesy of Stacie from scarves.net

Scarf Camera Strap

Are you a frequent traveler? Is the camera strap killing your neck? Why not get something more aesthetic and comfortable at the same time? Follow these instructions to make yourself a scarf camera strap that will compliment your outfits.

Scarf sandals

As soon as the first days of summer warm the air, the colorful flip flops make their appearance in the streets. Some might consider them beachwear, but if you look around you will notice they are actually the dominant item women wear on their feet during the summer. Have you thought how to stand out from the crowd? Use a scarf to upgrade your flip flops and turn them into a pair of stylish sandals.


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